Frank C. Liuzzi,

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After graduating from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 1991, I worked in a large defense firm before shifting to plaintiff’s work. In 2003, I founded Liuzzi, Murphy, Solomon, LLP with two other USF alumni. Together, we were driven to establish a firm that draws on our collective expertise in law with the values and standards we expect in a top personal injury law firm. Since our founding, we have welcomed additional top-tier partners, and we all take pride in our firm and providing exceptional representation to our clients.

I became a personal injury lawyer for the challenging work and the ability to change lives profoundly for the better. I, and we as a firm, offer a realistic approach to clients and their cases, with a down-to-earth, no-pretense energy that helps support and represent them most effectively. If you ask me the secret to my success, I would tell you that my philosophy of pragmatism allows me to find truth in beliefs and practical solutions to help my clients achieve the best possible outcome.

I am a hard-working family man who values direct information and emphasizes realistic goals. At LMS Law, our core values of integrity, transparency, advocacy, honesty, and commitment, are at the center of our practice. Over these last 20+ years, our firm has become like a family. Our collective work ethic strengthens our skills at litigating cases that inspire and engage while our firm pursues innovative endeavors. We do not rush files; instead, we curate the best possible results.

I take pride in our work at LMS Law not only because of my prodigious colleagues, but for our ability, as a whole, to chart our destiny. The values and codes we uphold are significant for everyone, even the little league baseball players I have had the privilege of coaching.

State Bar of California, 1992

Santa Clara University, 1988
USF School of Law, 1991

Motor vehicle strikes pedestrian in San Francisco resulting in seven-figure verdict for injured party and spouse

Worker slips and falls in wet hotel lobby injuring back resulting in seven-figure settlement

Construction worker injured after fall from broken wooden ladder results in six-figure settlement

Helicopter blade separation resulting in crash and multiple deaths results in seven-figure settlement

Helicopter tail boom collapse in flight results in seven-figure policy limits settlement for death of pilot

Multiple fatality and brain damage to passenger after SUV crash results in 8 figure settlement

Fall from effectively constructed scaffold the results in 7 figure settlement

Slip and fall at San Francisco Landmark results in six-figure settlement

Passengers injured in motor vehicle accidents result in multiple confidential settlements.

Super Lawyer, 2015 – 2022, 2024
Honoree at IABA annual Judges Luncheon, 2017