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Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

When you have been injured, the company, brand, person, or employer responsible wants the easy way out. This means they are not looking out for your best interest and can try to take advantage of you. Hiring an attorney ensures you are protected and that you have someone on your side should a trial become necessary or if you are owed compensation.

How long will this take?

Each case is different, but on average if your case is resolved at the claim stage before a lawsuit is filed, it is typically resolved within two years after the incident occurred. Once a lawsuit is filed, it usually takes 12 to 18 months either to settle the case or go to trial. This length of time, while long, is not unusual as the courts will almost never set a trial date less than a year from the date a case is filed to allow the parties to the lawsuit to develop their cases.

How long will it take to get my money?

It depends on your case, but typically after settlement, signing, and disbursement you can expect to receive your compensation about six weeks after settlement.

How do I pay you?

In a typical personal injury case, the attorney is not paid until the case settles or a judgment is received from the court. This is called a “contingent fee”, where the attorney receives a fee based on a percentage of the settlement or judgment amount. Of course, the attorney will not be paid for his or her time if he or she is unable to obtain a settlement or judgment. In other types of cases, attorney compensation will depend on the fee contract entered into between the attorney and the client.

When do you guys get paid?

Ultimately we are paid if and when we win your case or settlement. After the settlement has been won, we receive a percentage to cover litigation fees and our work on the case. Therefore you do not have to worry about payment upfront, and instead can focus on healing.

How does contingency work for personal injury cases?

A contingency fee means that a personal injury attorney only gets paid attorney fees if they can successfully resolve your case. A contingency fee, your lawyer has a financial incentive to help you get the case resolved as quickly and successfully as possible.

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