Clients’ Victories

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Foot degloved, crushed and traumatically amputated on a construction site


Falling sheetrock injures worker, resulting in CRPS


Falling window injures construction worker’s head


Fall from scaffold


Hand crushed by forklift


Fall from scaffold while painting


Fall down staircase


Slip and Fall on a wet floor on an SF Landmark

Dangerous Premises


Hot water burn at car dealership


Medical Malpractice

(Car + Motor Vehicle + Motor Cycle + Trucking)


Delivery van vs Motorcyclist


Motor vehicle vs. ride share company


Ejection from moving car resulting in death


Good Samaritan

Defective Products


Woman falls off workout equipment


Defective seat back


Conveyor belt

Wrongful Death


Tree trimmer falls from defective bucket truck


Stairway fall

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