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Construction accident injuries are unfortunately common, but there are four specific injuries that our construction accident lawyers tend to see the most at our personal injury law firm:

  • Falls
  • Equipment Injuries
  • Being struck or injured by an object on the site

If you are injured on a construction site, it’s important to contact our construction accident lawyers at LMS Personal Injury Law Firm to ensure that you are protected and not taken advantage of by your company. Once you have sought medical care, alerted your supervisor (with quick details), and documented your injury, give our team a call at (415) 400-7000.

It’s important that you do not admit to anything, give too much information, or get too in-depth with details until we can support those conversations and keep you protected.

In addition to the “fatal four” injuries, we also help our clients with burns, breaks, traffic injuries, head injuries, and more. Construction sites can be dangerous and there is a long list of potential hazards, our goal is to ensure that you get the compensation and representation you deserve if you have suffered from a construction site injury.

How To Prepare For Your Case:

  • Pictures of the scene of the accident
  • Pictures of the injury
  • Any on-scene report made by your supervisor or officer regarding the injury
  • Any medical reports (including Doctor’s notes) regarding the extent of the injury and subsequent prescriptions prescribed
  • Any medical bills (including receipts for paid prescriptions), whether paid by insurance, Medical, Medicare, or the bills that remain unpaid
  • If you suffer a loss of earnings due to injury, please obtain copies of paychecks or another form of salary verification prior to the accident

Our construction accident lawyers have the experience, straightforward action, and drive to represent your construction worksite injury case with vigor. Contact our personal injury attorneys today in Marin County (at our San Francisco or Navato, CA offices) for exceptional representation you can count on.

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