Commercial, small private plane and helicopter accidents and crashes are subject to a wide variety of applicable tort law. Some laws regulate general safety and mandate that special precautions be taken in every type of flight, be it commercial, small private plane or helicopter. Other laws regulate specific areas of flight and aircraft safety the design and manufacture of aircrafts or their maintenance and operation. Additionally, injuries which occur on international flights are governed by different laws and treaties than those which occur on domestic flights. These cases and the international laws that apply to them are complex and unlike almost any other litigation.

You need an experienced lawyer to navigate the complex laws and issues that arise in this type of litigation to protect your rights. The law offices of Liuzzi, Murphy, Solomon, Churton & Hale LLP., are experienced in handling these claims and lawsuits. In fact, Frank C. Liuzzi was the first, and to our knowledge, the only lawyer in the world who has settled an aviation lawsuit involving deep vein thrombosis ("DVT") suffered by a passenger on an international flight.

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